Vl6180X Range Finder Optical Ranging Sensor Module

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The ambient light sensor also has high sensitivity and precision under ultra-low light, wide sensing dynamic range, and ambient light (Lux) corrected output. All components used to support proximity sensors and ambient light sensors are integrated in a packaged optical module. The embedded design can be completed without the need for a mechanical spacer or an additional lens system.

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DESCRIPTION: vl6180x rangefinder price in bd

Optical Ranging Sensor Module. VL6180 VL6180X Range Finder Optical Ranging Sensor Module for Arduino I2C Interface 3.3V 5V IR Emitter Ambient Light TOF
The VL6180x three-in-one opto-electronic module integrates an IR VSEL (vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser) infrared vertical cavity surface-emitting source, proximity sensor, and ambient light sensor (ALS).
The VL6180X module implements a proximity sensor with the time-of-flight (ToF) measurement principle; The VL6180X includes a SPAD detector array that detects the time at which a single photon is transferred from the target to the target and back to the module, calculated in combination with the amplitude. The actual distance, regardless of the reflectivity of the object, this actual distance measurement capacity can also produce simple but reliable one-dimensional gesture control.

Product Parameters: vl6180x rangefinder price in bd

Infrared wavelength: 850 nm;
Communication interface: IIC (400 kHz), address 0x29 (7-bit), two programmable GPIO;
Optimal working temperature: -10 ~ 60 Celsius;
Range range: 0 to 100mm Error 13mm Under certain external conditions, such as 100mm in dark environments;
Temperature drift: 9 ~ 15mm Voltage drift: 3 ~ 5mm
Conversion time: 15 ms
Light Ambient range: 1 ~ 100 kLux 16-bit output
Ambient light gain range: 1 to 40 (eight)
Ambient light sensitivity: 0.36 Lux / count (535 nm LED @ 1 kLux. Measured @ gain 20)
Angle response: 42 degrees
Linearity error: 5% (1-300 Lux), 10% (300 to 7500 Lux)
Gain error: 1% (gain 20), 7% (gain 1 to 10)

Instructions For Use: vl6180x rangefinder price in bd

Vin: Power input pin. Voltage input range 3-5 V;
2v8: Output port, output2.8 V voltage, the 2.8 V output voltage generated by the on-board voltage regulator processing VIN input voltage, convenient to extend and use;
GND: power ground;
SCL: I2C clock pin connected to the master SCL;
SDA: I2C data pin connected to the master SDA;
GPIO: The pin used by the sensor to indicate that the data is ready.

Note that the output of this pin is 0-2.8 V high and low.

This pin cannot be applied to boards such as Arduino (these plates are 3.3 or 5 V high).
Generally not used, application level conversion.
SHDN: The shutdown pin of the sensor. By default it is pull high. There is a level shifting diode so that you use 3-5 V logic on this pin. When the pin is pulled low, the sensor enters the shutdown mode.

Colour: as shown

Material: ABS
Size: 20*18*3mm

Package Contents: vl6180x rangefinder price in bd

1* Board

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