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The Radiolink SE100 M8N GPS Module for the Radiolink PixHawk autopilot that will exceed the limitation of IC sensitivity index from circuit schematic design to PCB placement.

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Radiolink GPS price in bd Module SE100 With

GPS Stand Holder For FPV RC Drone Quadcopter M8N GPS Anti-interference RC Accessories

Radiolink GPS SE100 With GPS Stand Holder is a Stand Holder For DIY FPV RC Drone Multicopter. M8N GPS, benefits from professional wireless experiences of Radiolink engineers, exceed the limitation of IC sensitivity index from circuit schematic design to PCB placement.
1 meter position accuracy, positioning in 23 seconds and valley stationkeeping ability make Radiolink GPS much better than the similar products.

The SE100 is a popular GPS module made by RadioLink. The module comes plug and play with a cable to connect with the Pixhawk & APM flight controllers. It can also be used with most open source flight controllers, such as the PX4 and iNav FCs.

Unlike some of the cheaper GPS modules on the market, this is one uses genuine components. It utilises a U-Blox M8N GPS receiver and QMC5883L digital compass, so you can be assured of reliable performance. When testing, we found it acquired up to 20 satellites outside in under a minute, and even managed to get a 12 satellite GPS lock indoors. Another nice feature are the flashing green status LEDs on top of the module, which make it very clear when a position lock has been established. We are committed to providing our customers with high reliability and high performance product solutions, as well as technical support and friendly after-sales service.

Specification:(Radiolink GPS Price in BD)

Positional Accuracy: 0.5m precision when working with concurrent GNSS, 2.5m precision when working with single GNSS.
Velocity Precision: 0.1m/s
Max. Height: 50000m
Max. Speed: 515m/s
Max. Acceleration: 4G
Update Rate: 10Hz

Sensitivity:(Radiolink GPS Price in BD)

Tracking & Nav.: -167dBm
Reacquisition: -163dBm
Cold Start: -151dBm
Hot Start: -159dBm
Cold Start Time: 26s
Hot Start Time: 1s
Voltage: 5VDC+ -5%
Current: 50-55mA


1. GPS UART interface Baud Rate: 1.2K/4.8K/9.6K/19.2K/38.4K/57.6K/112.5K
2. Geomagnetic I2C interface
Weight: 103g
Size: 4.7 * 4.7 * 1.5cm / 1.85 * 1.85 * 0.59inch
Cable Length: 30cm / 11.8inch

Package Include: Radiolink GPS Price in bd

1. 1 x GPS Module
2. 1 x GPS Stand
3. 1 x Glue
4. 1 x Cable

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