BONGO humanoid robot which is totally made with minimal cost in Bangladesh. The full meaning of BONGO is Bangla Robot. BONGO is a multilingual edifying robot arranged and impelled robot perspective in Bangladesh. This robot can appreciate Bangla and English the two lingos and prepared to talk with people and give the proper reaction to any sorts of the request. This robot sends irregular state voice and picture update advancement that why BONGO can know the front of the all inclusive community and it can talk with people by various sorts of explanation. For instance, Welcome to people and handshake with them, move the head etc. It first launched in 4th December, 2018 . This the First version of Bongo when we call him Mik

After that it has been ready for Eurekon-19 , Kolkata which was an international event and the team won championship.

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This team also attend in many events all over the country and buoyed their championship


EduBot is a Bengali speaking Robot small robot which is made for children . The children will learn poem, general mathematical calculation , multiplication table, and also can learn their academic study through the robot . It can dance which will attract the children . This is carry-able a small robot .