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TCS230 color sensor Price Module is a type of “photoelectric sensor” which emits light from a transmitter, and then detects the light reflected back from the detection object with a receiver.
A color sensor can detect the received light intensity for red, blue and green respectively, making it possible to determine the color of the target object.

Working Principle of Color Sensor

To detect the color of material three main types of equipment are required. A light source to illuminate the material surface, a surface whose color has to be detect and the receivers which can measure the reflected wavelengths.

Color sensors contain a white light emitter to illuminate the surface. Three filters with wavelength sensitivities at 580nm, 540nm, 450nm to measure the wavelengths of red, green and blue colors respectively.

Based on the activation of these filters, the color of the material is categorized. A light to voltage converter is also present in the sensor. The sensor responds to color by generating a voltage proportional to the detected color.

Another way of detecting color is by illuminating the material surface by Red, Blue and Green LED’s one at a time. Here the sensor contains no filters but light to voltage converter. The highest amount of light reflect back by the material surface while illuminate with the red, blue and green light is calculate to detect the color.


Color sensors are apply to measure, detect the color of the surfaces. These sensors have a wide range of applications in industrial, medical and security systems.

Some of the applications are the light color temperature measurement, RGB LED consistency control, medical diagnosis systems, health fitness systems, industrial process control etc.

Package List: TCS230 color sensor Price

1 x Color Sensor Module TCS230 (Color Recognition Module)

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