HC-SR501 Infrared PIR Motion Sensor

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HC-SR501 is an infrared PIR motion sensor module. This module is compatible with any microcontroller as well as Arduino board and Raspberry Pi.

The HC-SR501 auto-senses light in various applications (in house, basement, outdoor, warehouse, garage, ) for ventilator control, alarm, etc.

  • Infrared technology (LHI778 probe design)
  • high sensitivity | high reliability
  • ultra-low-voltage
  • widely used especially for battery-powered products.
  • Automatic infrared detection (LHI778 probe design)
    Output goes high when objects enter the sensing range, and automatically returns to low when object leaves
  • Optional photosensitive control
  • Optional temperature compensation
  • Trigger mode jumper
  • L: Non-repeatable / delay mode: sensor goes low after the delay, regardless of the presence of the object.
  • H: Repeatable: sensor stays high as long as any¬†object is detected during the delay time.
  • Wide operating voltage range
  • Micro-amp power
  • Output high signal: easy to achieve docking with the various types of circuit.
  • Infrared technology (LHI778 probe design)
  • high sensitivity | high reliability
  • widely used especially for battery-powered products.
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