OP AMP CA3130 MOSFET Operational Amplifier IC

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CA3130 is a BiMOS operational amplifier IC with MOSFET Input and BiMOS devices have advantages of both bipolar and CMOS transistors. Bipolar transistors can perform fast switching and perform well under high bandwidths. On the other hand, CMOS OP-AMP consume less current. The CA3130 consists of PMOS transistors at the input and CMOS transistors at the output. These transistors provide the advantages of high impedance, high speed, less current consumption, and high bandwidth. It has a multitude of applications.

OP AMP IC CA3130 Pin Configuration DiagramCA3130 Mosfet Op-mp pinout diagramOP AMP IC Description

Pin# 01, 05: OFFSET NULL

When the input pins of the op-amp are connect with each other, the voltage at the output should be zero. But no operational amplifier is perfect. Therefore, there is a small offset when the two inputs are shorted together. The offset null pin is used to null these offsets by applying the voltage between the two input terminals of an operational amplifier to null the output voltage.


It is the inverting/negative input terminal of the operational amplifier integrated inside the IC.


It is the non-inverting/positive input terminal of the operational amplifier integrated inside the IC.

Pin#4: V-

It is the connection for ground or negative power supply.


It gives an amplified output signal.

Pin#7: V+

It is connect to a positive power supply.


This pin is use to s

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