Male to Female Jumper Wire

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Male to Female jumperĀ  wires can all be used together or easily peeled apart individually or in sections. They fit snug next to each other on a breadboard, when placed with the silver side out because the side with the silver showing through the black connector is standard breadboard spacing (2.54mm) compared to 2.25mm on the other side.

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description: Male to Female Jumper Wires price

Male to Female Jumper Wires price. These are 20 cm long jumper wires terminated as male to female. Use these to jumper from any male or female header on any board. Multiple jumpers can be connected next to one another on a 2.54 mm header. Comes in one pack of 20 jumpers (colors shown). Each group of jumpers are connected to each other and can either be pulled apart in any quantity (from 1-20, of course) or kept whole based on you needs.

Specifications: Male to Female Jumper Wires price

  • Female header contacts on one end, male header contacts on other end
  • Standard 0.1″ (2.54mm) spacing when placed next to each other
  • Length: 200mm (7.87″)
  • Wire Colors: brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, grey, white, black (each cable includes 4 of each color)
  • Fits breadboard
  • Weight: 31g
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Package Include:

1 x Male to Female Jumper Wire



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