Breadboard 400 Pin

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breadboard is a rectangular plastic box filled with holes, which have contacts in which you can insert electronic components and wires. It is what you use to string together a temporary version of your circuit. You don’t have to solder wires or anything else; instead, you poke your components and wires into the little contact holes arranged in rows and connected by lines of metal; then you can connect your components together with wires to form your circuit.

Because it is solderless it does not require soldering, it is reusable. This makes it easy to use for creating temporary prototypes and experimenting with circuit design.

Breadboard 400 Pin Specifications

1. Board Material: ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
2. Board Thickness: 8.5mm
3. Board Type: Breadboard / Solderless
4. External Width: 55mm

Package Include:

1 x Breadboard 400 Pin Solderless Prototype Test Circuit Plug-in 400 Tie Points Pin For Arduino Project Board DIY

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